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Program “Tout arrive”, France Culture, April 20th 2004. Marc Riboud speaks with Marc Voinchet about his youth during the occupation in Lyon and of the resistance, a time of great intensity that he felt he somehow recognized in the Eastern Europe countries in the 1970s and 1980s (in French). Source

Program “For intérieur”, France Culture, October 22nd 1998. Marc Riboud, who joined Magnum Photos in 1953, speaks about the times of sharing with Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, and about the daily life of the agency (in French). Source

Program “L’échappée belle”, April 14th 1998. Guy Le Querrec and Marc Riboud speak about the lab work and what photographers owe to the printers (in French). Source

Program “Photo-portrait”, March 11th  1989. Marc Riboud talks about his debut in photography, in Lyon and Paris, and his departure for a long journey towards Asia in 1955 (in French). Source

“Apostrophes”, Antenne 2, June 8th 1979. Marc Riboud comments on his book “Visions of China” (Pantheon Books) and discusses with Susan Sontag and Bernard Pivot of the new practice of photography in Chine and what it reveals of the desire of individuality (in French).

Program “Sur les grands chemins”, ORTF, March 27th 1967. Marc Riboud relates his first journey to China in 1957, then his second journey in 1965. He comments some photographs from his book “The three banners of China” (Collier McMillan 1966). In French.

Program “Grand reporter ou l’honneur du photojournalisme”, October 23rd 1990. Excerpt from the film by Pierre Zucca, during which Marc Riboud speaks about the shape and the meaning of his photographs. His photographs of China are shown in comparison with John Thomson’s and an extract of a text by Albert Londres (in French).