So many of Marc’s photographs have great meaning for me.  Through his eye and his mind, he has been able to reveal those deeply human moments of humour, irony, and revelation, across all borders.  He also has an enlightened sensitivity to see life as a dance, with gestures small and large defining our view of ourselves.  Marc has a light touch, his photographs make you smile.  

But the one photograph that has the most profound meaning for me is both light and dark.  It’s the now iconic image of the young woman with a flower facing off with the bayonet fixed soldiers during America’s highly charged Vietnam era.  I lived through that moment and the intensity of the polarization we felt is embodied in this image.  Yet it is optimistic.  You have the sense that the young woman will win, and that the young soldiers understand.  Perhaps I’m reading into it, wishing for a happy outcome.  We thought we could change the world, and Marc’s photograph gave hope.  I never grow tired of this image.  It engages, it stirs the soul, and its meaning is forever young.


Howard Greenberg