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Exhibition “I comme Image, un abécédaire photographique de Marc Riboud” à la médiathèque André Labarrère, Pau

from April 23rd to June 25th 2022

Showing 26 prints – one per letter of our alphabet -, this exhibition invites the visitor to (re)discover photographs by Marc Riboud, know and lesser known. B for “Bateau” (boat), J for “Joie” (joy), R for “Route” (road), T for “Tortue” (turtle)… an exhibition for kids and grown-up kids!

Inauguration of the exhibition on Saturday 23rd of April at 11am.
Conference with Catherine Chaine and Lorène Durret on April 23rd at 2:30pm at the auditorium.

To consult the programm (in French): programm

“Marc Riboud, l’Alphabet du monde” at Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

December 18th 2014 to February 1st 2015

marc riboud moscou multimedia art museum peintre tour eiffel marc riboud multimedia art museum moscou verso

A large exhibition is organized by Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow : “Marc Riboud, l’Alphabet du monde”, from December 18th 2014 to February 1st 2015.